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        中文 日語


        Dajiu Produce (Dalian) Co., Ltd., situated in scenic No.41 mould base of Dalian Development Zone at present, was founded in 2000, covers an area of 13,000 sqms, and construction area is 20,000 sqms. Our company is divided into mechanical parts machining, injection molding and new products design and development department. At present, we have a large number of first-class team of designers and workers, domestic and abroad advanced machining equipments and inspection instruments, able to guarantee various molds, fixtures, non-standard parts, automation equipments design, processing, assembly and adjustment, and medical, electronics, daily necessity and toys and other plastic products production.
        With the unceasing advance and progress ever made, in 2011, our company invested to build Dajiu Laiya Hailong (Dalian) industry Co.,Ltd. in Dalian Huayuankou Economic Zone. At the mean time, in order to extent overseas market, we found Daikyu trading Co.,Ltd. in Tokyo Japan.
        As one of the members of Dalian Die & Mould Association, we have been committing to promote the 5S modern international scientific management methods, solemnly promising to strictly meet the requirements raised by customers with scrupulous working attitude, superior service, excellent product quality and stringent product period of delivery. Thus we have won the recognition of our customers, and established long-term cooperation partnership with more than 100 famous enterprises at domestic and abroad.
        Our company has always been adhering to the innovation, seeking for the preeminence, and been willing to create a brilliant future with you. We hereby sincerely welcome all intended customers come to the company to consult and negotiate in detail.