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        中文 日語

        Our products

        Automation equipment design, production, assembly and commissioning of theentireservice,medical, electronics, household items, toys and other plasticproducts production and processing, as well as various molds, tooling, non-standard parts design and production.

        Automation Equipment

        We provide automation equipment design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of the entire service, main products include non-standard automation equipment, robotic automation equipment, vision applications, intelligent fixture and general automation equipment

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        Casting & Machining Products

        We have furnace, heat treatment furnace, CNC, Slow Wire, EDM,CNC lathe, precision grinder, milling machine, driller, wire cutting machine, capable of designing and producing moulds, jig and fixture tooling, gauge and non-standard metal parts

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        Plastic Injection Molding Products

        We have 100000 grade clean injection molding workshop, 56 sets of injection molding equipment (15 tons ~ 1200 tons), capable of producing medical, electronics, household items and toys and other plastic products.

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        New Product

        Motor rotor knurled equipment: automatic loading and unloading, beats is less than 8 second, 4 direction with knurled; with automatic quick mold core changing function, can change type in less than 2 minutes; knurled dimension is stable, PPK is more than 1.67.

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